WSU’s CAPS Department

Larry Wallace, Wayne State University Update 04/26/2016 EST 1:23 pm

Wayne State University’s CAPS Table at new student orientation

The Counseling and Psychological Services on campus is meant to provide students with a solid foundation of consultation and outreach, said WSU Associate Professor and CAPS Director Jeffrey Kuentzel.

CAPS is a multi-purposed program that focuses on helping students with anxiety, depression, stress, social problems, substance abuse, and other personal and emotional problems.

Psychology and anthropology Major Ieyeshia Bates said CAPS provided her with different viewpoints of a former problem.

“CAPS actually helped me a lot,” said Bates. “I went to see a counselor there and she gave me a different perspective of a problem I was facing with close friends and relatives. By the end of my session, I had a new, positive outlook on the situation.”

According to the university’s website, “CAPS promotes a culture understanding and growth through professional collaboration among the dynamic staff, which consists of licensed professional counselors, psychologists, and social workers.”

Kuentzel thinks the CAPS employees demonstrate deep passion and care for each student who takes advantage of the program.

“Our excellent professional counselors are experts who care deeply about WSU students and understand their needs,” said Kuentzel. “They provide a variety of helpful services.”

Bates believes the staff played a major role in making her experience with the program a positive one.

“The experience with CAPS was a good breath of fresh air,” said Bates. The workers are so nice and they are super eager to help you. They definitely do their job and know what they are doing when it comes to giving you good advice. Their experience really do shine.”

CAPS also guarantees a confidentiality policy. Bates said the presence of confidentiality eventually allowed her to be more open about her problems.

“When I first met with my counselor the first thing she explained was the rule of confidentiality,” said Bates. “After hearing that rule, I instantly developed a sense of secureness and safeness with my counselor. And I even felt more willing to tell her about some of the challenges I was going through.”

Just like it helped her, Bates thinks CAPS can be beneficial to other WSU students.

“I truly believe that CAPS have the capability to help other students,” said Bates. “The reason for this is because the department consist of highly qualified individuals who know how to deal with situations. Also, because I believe everyone needs a shoulder to lean on at some point in their life and I think CAPS always provides the shoulder.”

Today, CAPS is continuing to make changes, which will allow them to bring support to more students.

“We have been expanding our training program dramatically,” said Kuentzel. “We have also increased our pursuit of external grant for research and special programming. Our goal is to keep getting better at what we do and supporting larger number of students.”

For more information regarding CAPS, please visit




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