Talk that Talk

By Larry Wallace, Wayne State University Update 3/02/2016 EST 12:10 AM

While celebrating the month of Feb, Wayne State University’s Black Student Union decided to host their annual Talk that Talk last Wednesday inside the Student Center at 8 PM.

Talk that Talk is a student run discussion that focuses on empowering WSU students by creating a comfortable environment and conversing about topics that most are interested in.

Last week’s discussion dealt with African American millennials. While attending the event, all 26 guests received an opportunity to give their opinions about things such as new millennial vocabulary, electronics and more.

BSU Advisor, Maxine Hudgins said she believes the Talk that Talks provide WSU students with the chance to form relationships with one another.

“I really like these Talk that Talks,” said Hudgins. “It not only give students that opportunity to openly discuss topics that they’re interested in, but it also provide them the opportunity to make new friends.”

At the end of the event, students were asked to verbally suggest topics they find interesting for the organization’s next Talk that Talk event.

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For more information on WSU’s BSU, please visit


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