Michigan’s News: The Past 6 Weeks

Larry Wallace, Wayne State University Update 3/28/2016 EST 10:47 AM

With Michigan being one the most diverse populated states in the country, it is no shock that newsworthy occurrences commonly take place.

For the past few months, the Flint water crisis has been a prime illustration of a newsworthy occurrence happening. However, in Feb, citizens took more interest to the crisis when when Gov. Rick Snyder requested an extra $30 million to go towards water bill credits for Flint residents.


Months later, Michigan residents got a chance to see Flint in a more positive light when The Detroit Free Press decided to publish an article that told the story of Flint’s children participating in an annual egg hunt for Easter.

Jacob Medrano, 4, of Flint gathers plastic eggs filled
Child participating in Flint’s annual Easter egg hunt

The Presidential election has also been a news interest to most Michigan residents the past few weeks. In Feb, CNN aired a republican debate which highlighted some of the controversy between Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Jumping back to local news, crime in Michigan for the past few week has been heavily expanding. Recently police officers finally found one of the suspects who was involved in a fetal stabbing of a Macomb pizza driver.

According to The Detroit Free Press, the suspect was identified as Deandre Arnold, 19, of Mt Clemens and was convicted by the courts at 6:15 p.m on Mar. 24.

While speaking about hyperlocalism news, it would only be right to mention Radu Vasile Muntean, a 34-year old Hazel Park man in the custody for shooting his wife and putting her in the back of his pickup truck. Currently, the 32-year old wife is in intensive care at a local hospital and is expected to recover.

According to WDIV, Muntean was arraigned Mar.25. On charges of assault with intent murder, assault with intent to do great bodily harm, unlawful imprisonment, felonious assault and felony firearm.

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The Research of a WSU PhD Student

By Larry Wallace, Wayne State University Update 3/21/2016 EST 9:10 AM

Wayne State PhD student Kimberly Daniels

Wayne State University Communication Studies PhD student and Graduate Teaching Assistant, Kimberly Daniels currently produces research that primarily focuses on interpersonal communication, mass media effects and media psychology.

Before embarking on her journey as a Warrior, Daniels received the chance to experience another institution during her academic career. Daniels completed her BAA and MA at Central Michigan university, where she eventually started working for WMHW-FM. Her master’s thesis detailed the effects of avatar customization in virtual worlds.

While doing research Daniels gets the opportunity to investigate things such as the influence of media on behavior, romantic relationships, relational satisfaction, relational development and loneliness. Daniels believes exploring these aspects of research has played a major role in her receiving a better understanding of the communication field.

“I have had the opportunity to focus on research in so many things relating to communication,” said Daniels. And I really believe this research will not only make me successful in this field, but it will also make me more knowledgeable on communications as a whole.”

Currently Daniels is working on a content analysis of different HIV messages from across the world. The focal point of the analysis examines how mainstream news frames the different metaphors of the virus and how this can lead to extreme social and political  issues.

“HIV is something massive that the whole world is facing,” said Daniels. “So I won’t lie, I find it super cool that I get to do research on a virus that impacts a great amount of the world’s population.”

Working closely with professors is one of the best things about completing research at WSU, Daniels explained.

“It’s great working with Dr. Sopory,” said Daniels. “I think he really knows what he’s talking about. He’s an expert in media facts and he’s kind of stirring me to be an experimental researcher.”

In the future, Daniels hopes that her research will be a beneficial tool for other PhD students.

“I’m a PhD student so I would hope that my research would contribute to something,” said Daniels. “I’ll write a dissertation, which would go in the archive at Wayne State and that will contribute to knowledge that maybe future PhD students use to write their dissertations.”

For more information on Daniels current and future research, please visit the CFPCA website.


Talk that Talk

By Larry Wallace, Wayne State University Update 3/02/2016 EST 12:10 AM

While celebrating the month of Feb, Wayne State University’s Black Student Union decided to host their annual Talk that Talk last Wednesday inside the Student Center at 8 PM.

Talk that Talk is a student run discussion that focuses on empowering WSU students by creating a comfortable environment and conversing about topics that most are interested in.

Last week’s discussion dealt with African American millennials. While attending the event, all 26 guests received an opportunity to give their opinions about things such as new millennial vocabulary, electronics and more.

BSU Advisor, Maxine Hudgins said she believes the Talk that Talks provide WSU students with the chance to form relationships with one another.

“I really like these Talk that Talks,” said Hudgins. “It not only give students that opportunity to openly discuss topics that they’re interested in, but it also provide them the opportunity to make new friends.”

At the end of the event, students were asked to verbally suggest topics they find interesting for the organization’s next Talk that Talk event.

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For more information on WSU’s BSU, please visit blogs.wayne.edu/blackstudentunion.