Snyder proposes $30 million for water credits in Flint

Larry Wallace, Wayne State University Update 02/09/2016 EST 8:54 PM

Gov. Rick Snyder Speaking about $30 million dollar proposal on Tuesday Feb. 2. 2016.

On Wednesday Feb. 10, Gov. Rick Snyder is expected to request an extra $30 million to go towards water bill credits for Flint residents.

“One of the reasons for this announcement is because of the great concern and attention to water bills, I concur that people should not have to pay for water they shouldn’t drink,” said Snyder.


According to The Detroit News, The Snyder administration estimates water used for drinking, bathing and cooking makes up approximately 47 percent of the Flint water bills.

The requested funds can cover close to 65 percent of the current water costs in the city of Flint, said Snyder.

MLive News recently reported that Snyder said the amount of residents receiving credit is still being worked out with the city.

“The amount of Flint residents that is not going to have to pay water bills are still in the air,” said Snyder. “But my budget will include the request that the state make payments to the city’s water systems for some residential bills going back to April 2014 and alleviate the need for residential shutoffs.”

According to the Detroit Free Press, Snyder also requested $37 million for drinking water, $15 million for food and nutrition, $63 million to be used to improve physical, social and education well-being for Flint children, and $50 million to be in reserve for the future.


However, since the water crisis, 21,000 residential customers have continued to paying their bills despite numerous water problems, and 9,000 have not, according to the Snyder administration.

Last week, Snyder and Legislators enacted $28 million in emergency funding for the current year, which included $3 million to help pay the Flint Utilities Department for unpaid bills. Snyder is expected to receive other Flint funding in his 2016-2017 spending plan.


For more information on the Flint water crisis, please visit


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